There are moments for snapshots and moments when you want to be well prepared when shooting a video. Snapshots can come handy when you need additional images for your video. But now, lets look at how you can prepare yourself before you pick up the camera to film.

When planning your video you need to know first what you would like to communicate. It is all about telling a story! To devise a good story ask yourself the 5 Ws: Who? What? Why? Where? When?

This one page document will help you to structure your answers. Remember: the more you can narrow down your message to the essential points the more effective you will reach your audience.

Story structure

Next you need to think about a story structure: How you would like to communicate what you want to say. Knowing in advance how you want to tell your story will help you to identify what you will capture with your camera. There are many ways to tell your story. Here two model cases are presented: Video news report and story telling. Once you are more experienced you can experiment with different variations of these communication structures.

IT-news IT-story


By now you know your story in words. But what images do you need to capture? In film this is called the process of story boarding.

Storyboard1 Storyboard2taken from:

Such process might go too far for your purpose. Nevertheless it helps to visualize in advance what images you will need to illustrate your story. You don’t need to be an artist to make a storyboard. Instead of drawing you can write down the images or scenes you would like to capture on video.

This simple document helps you to structure what you want to say. Write 1 – 2 phrases into each text box. Next to it, write down the image that best illustrates the text.

Congratulation! You learned how to write & visualize what you want to communicate!
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